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By [ Mon, June 22, 2015 ]
  • Perth Style Co. and photographic agency Crib Creative are at the forefront of a new generation of businesswomen, setting the bar high when it comes to marketing in the real estate arena. 

They're the new breed of Generation Y ‘Millennials’ who are sweeping our nation as start-up business owners-turned entrepreneurs.

These young guns are the future and bear no resemblance to the generation of workers before them.

From the sleepless nights, the thrill of risking it all and the relentless knock backs, these twentyish to early thirty somethings possess the mentality to grow and take charge of industries at a rapid pace. It’s a glass half full approach, employing innovative and creative thinking while constantly challenging the usual status quo that drives the success of these young business people.

They believe that those opportunities are limited only by their imagination and drive, and with the evolution of technology, so are the possibilities for the progression of their offerings.

They make their own working titles, they are passionate, calculated and push all the boundaries. They're attracted by the flexibility of working hours, the ability to call their own shots on the road to building their own empire. Y Gens are hitting the road to success and backing themselves for an action-packed career.

Two leading examples of this are close to home for us - our friends from Crib Creative and us course our very own company doing Y-Gen style, Perth Style Co. Both companies are fronted by like-minded business chicks - we team up to not only empower one another but to compliment our businesses and product offerings.  It's a collaboration that's challenging the way property is marketed across Perth.

Both of our businesses have real estate marketing at their heart, an avenue of mainstream marketing that in itself is a real art. We've both realised that a good collection of photos that tell a story about a home can make the difference between a quick sell and a lingering listing.

Real estate marketing has changed thanks to the digital evolution. Potential buyers want to see their next dream home now, at the click of the button, so it's essential that the photographs that showcasing your home are the best that they possibly can be.

Buyers use print and online and have access to view properties 24/7. What's required these days to help vendors sell the dream is the creation of sexy visuals, capturing perfectly a vision of the lifestyle that the property has to offer a buyer.

"I was a real estate agent prior to starting Crib," says Alana Earl, managing director of Crib Creative. "I have always had a real love for marketing and noticed while working as an agent myself that there was a bit of a gap in terms of the real estate marketing in Perth as opposed to what was happening in the eastern states as did Sara and Kaitlin at Perth Style Co.

"Crib started small with just me and a photographer and over the four years we've grown to a 16-strong team of creatives including photographers, videographers and draftsmen who shoot not only real estate for sale but for some of Perth's best builders, architects, venues and businesses, as well as PRIMOLife magazine features.

"We have a head photographer who manages the photography side of the business and have seen fantastic growth in the video side of things, with people starting to realise the importance of video not only in real estate but also for promoting small business. It is important that we keep with the fashion and be progressive with our brand - we love pushing the limits."

It's not just about just pointing and shooting, says Alana.

"There is a lot to think about, most importantly shooting the house in its best light and that’s where our relationship with Perth Style Co. came into the mix."

“Our styling and staging ensure the property has a strong personality that speaks to target buyer demographics," says Kaitlin Beck of Perth Style Co.

"Working with the right photographer and team of creatives ensures the most flattering angles  are captured as well as ensuring the  emotional aspects like the small detail and the elements of  our styling are captioned. It’s this combination that markets any house as a home and more importantly a desirable product."

Perth Style Co is the brainchild of Sara James and Kaitlin Beck, Perth Style Co, a duo who saw a large gap in the Real Estate styling space.  Through their savvy property marketing messages, a loyal social media following has rapidly grown within the Perth real estate community and beyond. The word is out on these creative forces offering pre-sale consultations to property marketing and styling concepts are rising stars.

“Real estate marketing has changed thanks to technology," says Sara James. "Perth is on the world map as one of best places to live, and our property values reflect that desirability. We need to step up our marketing and adopt successful techniques that we see working internationally.

"We have the ability to show a buyer through a property and it’s surrounds virtually with the power of property videos," says Sara.

"Attracting online buyers and international investors through the internet is the future. From aerial drones' footage of the suburb to the ambience of a staged dinner party, videos showcase every aspect of what a home can offer buyers from anywhere at anytime.”

Fast facts - The future of real estate marketing

  • Real estate marketing has changed thanks to the digital evolution. A home for sale is just like any other consumer product on the market and needs the right team to market and sell it.
  • The right agent, the right real estate stylist and right creative agency is your property selling dream team. These team of professionals know how to get results you need. 
  • 90% of consumers search for property online. Your home is available for the world to see 24/7 so the visuals you are selling is so important to convert online interest to genuine buyers.
  • Savvy 'Y Gen aka 'Millennials' are the new breed of home buyers and they are constantly online. They have constant access to the internet  - they like and share products that are right at their fingers tips. How will they find your home? How will your home draw attention?
  • An influx of overseas buyers means video is taking off and is now a tool more important that ever to include when marketing your property.

Fast facts - making videos work for your property

  • 90% of consumers search on line
  • 24/7 marketing of your property
  • 90% of mobile users share videos
  • Videos reach a national and global audience of potential buyers / investors
  • 1 million people watch videos daily on the internet
  • 1/3 of web users are watching video right now

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