• Spring into spring

    Spring into spring


The end of winter means it’s time to unveil our legs and replace the knee-high boots, pants and jeans with skirts and shorts. Michelle Bridges helps us get our legs ready for the great reveal with her top five leg exercises. 

PRIMOLife: Congrats on your baby news – how are you feeling and what are you looking forward to most about the next few months? 

Michelle Bridges: Feeling great! Very lucky not to have had morning sickness. I’m still training and enjoying the changes in my body. I’m loving it actually, what amazing bodies we have!

PL: Are you adapting your fitness routines to your pregnancy?

MB: Yes, I haven’t changed my training as such, simply dialed down the intensity. Still jogging a little, doing light weights and body weighed exercises. 

PL: Have you been surprised by how your 12 week body transformation has ignited the nation, helping so many people kickstart their own quest for fitness?

MB: Yes and no. Yes, in so far as I just didn’t think it would take the country by storm the way that it has. No, in so far as I know exactly what needs to be done in order to make physiological and psychological changes. I knew and still know that my skills in this area are well honed and the product we offer is second to none. We have got the most amazing and long lasting results from thousands of our 12-weekers! I’m the real deal, no gimmicks here. 

PL: There seems to be a real sense of community too around those who embark on the course – is that something you anticipated or did it grow as the course gathered momentum?

MB: Part of my philosophy has always been about inclusiveness. I guess that might come from tough school times, being a target for bullies as I was always the new kid (we moved a lot) and I was always sticking up for those who couldn’t stick up for themselves, even though that got me more out of favour. I’m a fighter for community and including all people, a sense of coming together, with no one better or worse than another, lifting each other up, celebrating our unique differences. This is a massive part of my program, people feel it and are empowered by it. 

PL: What keeps you motivated personally? Everybody has down days – how do you keep positive and energised?

MB: I’m inspired by people who aren’t particularly natural to training, exercise or sport, but they get in and have a go. Those people give me such inspiration. To see someone who doesn’t really run naturally, get home from work, have the gumption to get their runners on and take themselves out for a jog is awe inspiring! 

PL: Do you feel a burden/responsibility to always present to the public a ’healthy’ persona, or is there no other version of you? Do you ever slob out in front of the TV with a carton of Ben & Jerry’s?

MB: Haha! No I don’t do the carton of ice cream thing, I just know how sick I would feel afterwards! However, sure, I can kick back with a bit of popcorn and chocolate as good as anyone! Probably better than most people would think! That’s called being human. That’s real. I have, at times, felt the need to always be at the top of my game fitness-wise, but over the years I realise that that is virtually impossible when I have so many businesses to attend to and a TV show which takes up a huge amount of time. So I always maintain a good level of fitness knowing that sometimes it’s on fire, and other times it’s not. And that’s OK. That’s life. 

PL: How do you relax?

MB: Spending time with Steve and his kids. Walking my dog. Flopping on the couch and watching a movie. Like most people. 

PL: What do you think the next few years have in store for you and your brand?

MB: We have some very exciting projects which are turning up before the end of this year and a few at the beginning of next year. Don’t get me wrong, for every one project we get up, ten have fallen over. That’s business. Again, that’s life. But that’s what makes it so rewarding.

PL: Tell us something we don’t know about you.

MB: I hate putting my clothes away. My nose is always cold. I think I’m hilarious! I’m rubbish at Guitar Hero. I turn ‘I spy' into a competitive sport!

Michelle's spring-time regime

Squats! You cannot go past this foundation exercise. Body weight and bar weight, get them into your routine.

Walking lunges, with or without weight. Turn the heat up and do them holding a plate overhead!

Step-ups onto a bench holding dumbbells. These are a favourite and they work!

Fit ball hamstring curls! These bad boys are so intense and also great for stabilising muscles and recruiting your core. Lie on the floor with your calves and heels resting on a fit ball. Keeping you hips high and your lower back straight, dig your heels into the ball and roll them in towards your butt. Return to starting position and repeat.

Stair runs. What can I say? Burn body fat and turn those legs into long lean weapons! 

You can meet and train with Michelle Bridges at the upcoming Fitness & Health Expo at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, September 11-13. Visit fitnessexpo.com.au for more information or to book into one of her 45-minute ‘Game Change Training’ sessions. 

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