• Young guns of Perth real estate

    Young guns of Perth real estate


At what age do you think a real estate agent hits the big time? In their 40s? 50s? Older? Not quite . . . By Dea Lalovic. Images by Crib Creative.

Meet some of Peard real estate’s best. They are under 35, selling millions of dollars’ worth of property and reshaping the nature of the business with their innovative approaches to marketing. And if you think their age is a disadvantage, think again.

Vicktor Sutrisno just recently celebrated his 21st birthday. His present to himself? The sale of his hundredth property. Starting his career in real estate a mere two years ago when he was only 19, it’s hard to believe his success at such a young age, but he believes his youthful approach is an advantage.

“I’m enthusiastic, genuine and passionate and most importantly I have time- time to focus on my clients,” he said.

“I’m younger than most of my competitors and, unlike many of them, I have fewer outside family commitments which leaves me with one main goal, to sell property.

“I spend my time prospecting and discovering new ways to market my clients’ properties using innovative technologies.”

Vicktor’s is not an unusual story to see at Peard Real Estate – Jay Dass also believes what some perceive as a barrier has become his largest asset.

“There’s certainly an ideology that the older, more experienced reps have a better understanding of the job, but that’s an outdated way of thinking, and once a client meets me, they have no doubt of my capability,” he said.

“Our company is full of successful reps under the age of 30, and that has to tell you something. I’m 26 and my energy levels are at their highest. I’m enthusiastic about my work and finding new marketing tools to help my sellers stand out from the crowd.”

Using different marketing approaches to target buyers, the younger reps of today are looking outside the box and their forward thinking is helping them stand out.

“I have a structured approach to selling,” said Jay. “It’s based around a highly intensive marketing campaign which enables me to engage the emotional buyer while creating competition in the market place.

“I look for the best buyer, not the first buyer which means bigger net profits for my clients.

“Social media has also been instrumental for me, I have met many clients through my corporate Facebook page and almost all of my out of area listings have come from social media advertising”.

And it not just the young men at Peard Real Estate who a breaking thought the stereotype and taking over the ranks.

Karen Riches is young – xx – ambitious and happens to be one of the top reps in the state, winning the prestigious Master Salesperson title at this year’s REIWA awards. Her secret to success? Good old fashion hard work – hard work which saw her sell almost $40 million dollars worth of property last year alone.

“My hours of work are relentless. I wake up early, I start early and I finish late,” she told PRIMOLife. “I go above and beyond for clients and I’m focused on providing a great customer service.”

Working for a company committed to training means constant learning and improvement for Karen.

“I train constantly, both within the Group and externally to ensure that I stay at the top of my game. I thrive on self-development and this is the perfect industry for it, it’s ever changing so you always have room to learn and improve.

“When I first started out on the industry I was worried people would feel that I looked too young to be selling property, but my extensive knowledge of marketing and my passion for the industry breaks through that barrier and my clients quickly see what I can offer.”

While being young, fit and healthy comes with its obvious advantages there’s one important factor all the new generation of real estate champions have in common, the support of a premium brand.

Ben Keevers, started his career in real estate at the age of 28, and hasn’t looked back since joining the Peard Group.

 “Working for an industry leader really does make your job easier – the company’s strong community focus, innovative marketing and employee reward programs are hard to beat.”

Like his colleagues, Ben has been focused on using his broad knowledge of social media to engage with his clients in new ways.

“I use Facebook and Instagram daily and find it works really well,” he said. “Times are certainly changing; it’s all about being a rep that can find new ways to market properties and connect with clients.

“Couple that with an unbeatable work ethic, positive energy strong local knowledge, and you will see what sets me and many successful reps in my age bracket apart.

“We are all young, healthy and eager to succeed – we have our whole careers ahead of us and the determination we possess is second to none. I know I intend to be doing this for a very long time to come.”


Looking for your next big career move? With a leading brand, innovative marketing and unmatched support, Peard Real Estate can help take your career to the next level. Call Melissa Farrell, Director of Business Resource, on 0404 084 244 for a confidential chat.


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