By Dea Lalovic
  • What rookies?

    What rookies?


In a tough real estate market, Peard Real Estate’s so-called rookies are leading the way – and there’s a good reason behind it.

This month, the Peard Career Centre (PCC) turns two and it has a lot to celebrate. Viewed as a “game changer” for the Peard Group and the industry as a whole, the centre has proudly farewelled seven groups of rookie-turned-ready real estate agents in its short lifetime.

Peard Group’s Managing Director, Maree Overton, said the last two years have cemented the company’s belief that intensive training needed to be introduced.

“We’re in a difficult market at the moment and the industry is full of quality real estate agents competing for business, so it’s natural to assume that if you are new to the business, you are going to struggle. 

“Sellers will often look for experience, which can be an issue for the new agents who have virtually no sales record to show.

“For many of our PCC graduates however, it’s proving to be quite the opposite with several of our so-called rookies outselling their colleagues who have several years of experience on them,” Maree said.

Interestingly, one thing these new agents all have in common is a certificate from PCC.

Andreas Nikakos completed the course only last year, but with 14 current listings and with an impressive 22 sold properties under his belt, he’s anything but a rookie. He says he owes a lot of his success to Sylvia Stephens, PCC’s Training Manager.

“The course has played a huge role in my short career in real estate, giving me the tools needed to be absolutely prepared and fast-tracking my understanding of what is expected of me to be successful,” Andreas said.

“Sylvia (pictured above) is an enormous asset to the PCC program, her knowledge of the industry is second to none and even today I can call on her for advice.”

The latest recruits to complete the course say they could never imagine entering the real world without the intensive training – Sue Rowles going as far as likening it to “driving without a licence”.

“It would be like passing your written exam to receive your L plates and being expected to drive through a major city without a driving instructor. It would be virtually impossible,” she said.

Well, the L plates are certainty off and Sue, along with her graduating colleagues, is about to hit the ground running, hoping to experience the same success as past graduates.

Former PCC graduate Juliet Wills has been dominating her area and attributes much of her knowledge and confidence to where it all started, in the PCC training room.

“From complex contract issues, to good old-fashioned service and communication – the knowledge I obtained and the ongoing backing out in the field was brilliant.

“Sylvia offers clear, professional and practical advice – not to mention, a wicked sense of humour.”

A WA industry first, the course was designed to offer newcomers intensive industry training in preparation for a successful real estate career.

Today, the centre has proudly celebrated seven groups of graduates who have entered the industry with a wealth of knowledge and are glad they had the opportunity to kickstart their career.

“I couldn’t imagine starting in this industry without the backing, knowledge and support I received from the ‘rookie school’. It’s a credit to the company and to Sylvia, who runs it,” says Juliet.  

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