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Thinking about a career in real estate? You’re in luck! The Peard Career Centre is recruiting for their next intake, says Dea Lalovic.

This time last year, Peard Real Estate was celebrating the launch of a Sales Associate training course as part of a newly developed Peard Career Centre (PCC).

A WA-industry first, the course was designed to offer newcomers intensive industry training in preparation for a successful real estate career.

Today, the centre has proudly celebrated four groups of rookie-turned-professionals who have graduated and entered the industry with a wealth of knowledge, experience and drive.

Training Manager Sylvia Stephens says the course has exceeded her expectations as it continues to evolve and offer new opportunities for graduates.

“We are now embodying a culture that promotes great teamwork and networking between students.

“This teamwork has been demonstrated through the accomplishments of the graduates who are achieving results similar to that of the more experienced Reps in the group,” says Sylvia.

Sales Associate, and recent graduate Natalia Dimovski, has loved the networking side of things.

“I’ve really enjoyed meeting everyone involved in different areas of the company and learning about how they all work together. It really firms up the ‘family run’ company feel which a lot of places will claim but not really enforce. 

“You become quite close to people in the class with you and form a good supportive comaraderie with each other.

“It’s nice to start off your career making contacts with people who you can relate to but also knowing that you have an instant network that now spreads across several Peard offices,” says Natalia.

From speaking to the graduates, there’s no question that they all think highly of their mentor, Sylvia, describing her as experienced, knowledgeable and always approachable.

Graduate Thanh Nguyen pays Sylvia the ultimate compliment when asked about his favourite aspect of the course.

“The highlight of the course was really Sylvia herself," he says. “Her style of teaching and the way she went through everything in such detail was extremely helpful. She’s a great teacher and mentor.”

Natalia couldn’t agree more, referring to Sylvia as a “true professional”.

“I really like that Sylvia is still active in the industry. A lot of trainers have a background in, or years of experiencing teaching in a particular field, but are not currently active in it.

“You can see Sylvia’s passion for the industry, she really loves her job and is able to get you excited and motivated about all of the opportunities,” says Natalia.

While all new real estate professionals in WA must complete the REIWA Real Estate Registration Course, the compulsory training stops there, with Sales Associates free to begin prospecting and selling property as soon as their registration comes through.

For many of the PCC graduates, that has become a scary thought in retrospect.

Andreas Nikakos says having now completed the PCC course; he couldn’t imagine having entered the industry without it.

“The REIWA course is great, but it does not give you the in-depth training that PCC does.

“There is so much that isn’t covered which would be really beneficial for new Reps to know before they step out into the real world," says Andreas.

 Natalia couldn’t agree more.

“After I completed my registration course, I had a lot of information and felt pretty confident in my knowledge and my ability to follow up and study.

“That was until I did the PCC course and realised just how much I didn’t know.

“This learning is so much more in-depth. It is scary how much extra industry information is not shared in the registration course which really should be,” says Natalia.

Sylvia has always believed in the need for extra learning and says the transformation she sees in Reps completing the course continues to amaze her.

“My favourite aspect of teaching the courses has to be the satisfaction I gain by watching the brand new Sales Associates grow from slightly nervous, uncertain and apprehensive ones, to confident, well trained and enthusiastic professionals.

“Many of the so-called rookies are listing their first property while still in the course, which really speaks for itself,” says Sylvia.  

Embarking on a real estate career can be a daunting move, but with the help of the Peard Career’s Centre, the company’s new Sales Associates have everything they need to experience success, and much sooner. Of course it takes a lot of hard work and dedication from the individual, after all, a real estate career is what you make it, but a helping hand will certainly provide a head start.



Are you considering a career in real estate? Contact Peard Real Estate’s Business Resource Manager, Melissa Farrell, to find out when the next Peard Career Centre course commences. The right candidates will be provided with a position in one of our offices, a proven course module and expert training from company and industry professionals. Call Melissa today on 0404 084 244 and find out why our Sales Associates are enjoying industry success sooner rather than later.

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