By Dea Lalovic
  • Party people

    Party people


With many businesses looking to cut costs in the wake of tougher financial times, it is little surprise that extravagant Christmas parties are one of the first things to go – but not at Peard Real Estate. 

For Peard Group employees, 2015 ended with a bang as a crowd 200-strong gathered on the Swan River for an evening of eating, drinking and dancing.

Organising such a grand event is no easy task nor does it come cheap, but the Group’s CEO Peter Peard says nevertheless it’s always money well spent.

“End of year celebrations are the perfect chance for everyone to let their hair down and have some fun and it’s at events such as these where company loyalty is truly built," he said.

“This year we did something different with a garden-themed cocktail party at one of Perth’s most beautiful locations - Matilda Bay”.

Peter says the annual Christmas party is a reward for employees and says he doesn’t agree with businesses that decide to pull the plug when times are hard."

“I really believe that if you reward your staff for their hard work, they will be the ones who will help your business flourish.

“Our annual Christmas party is just one of the ways we like to say thank you to our employees for all of their hard work throughout the year.”

But with Perth’s real estate market taking a notable hit last year, was investing thousands of dollars in a party a wise choice? For Peter, there’s no question about it.

“The real estate industry has been shaky the last 18 months so of course cutting costs on a Christmas party wouldn’t have been unreasonable, but at the end of the day, our employees still worked very hard, and they deserved a party to celebrate that hard work.”

Priding themselves on their unbeatable culture, Peard Real Estate is all about bringing employees together.

“A company culture doesn’t just happen. You have to work hard at it and organising events where everyone can mingle and, perhaps more importantly, feel appreciated, is a big part of that.

“Our parties are always a lot of fun and the high attendance rate each year speaks for itself,” says Peter.

This year guests enjoyed a night jam-packed with delicious food, lawn games, great music and of course, dancing. 

It might be a hard one to beat, but as Peter says, we will just have to wait and see.

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