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  • New year, new opportunities

    New year, new opportunities


Dea Lalovic sits down with real estate powerhouse duo, Julie Isherwood and Pauline Bill, who just last year, took their career to the next level when they joined Peard Real Estate Mandurah.

Whether you are in real estate or any other business profession, the New Year can be a great time to re-evaluate your career and ask yourself - is my company giving me what I need? Julie and Pauline share their thoughts on their move to Peard Real Estate Mandurah.

PL: How has the move to Peard Real Estate enhanced your real estate career?

Julie: The move for us has been nothing but positive. It wasn’t something we entered into lightly, but after meeting with the licensee of Mandurah and Melissa Farrell, Director of Business Resources, it was so clear that it was going to enhance our careers.

PL: Have you always worked as a team?

Pauline: Not to begin with. We were originally approached separately by Peard Real Estate while working for a competitor. When we started with Peard, we saw the opportunity to offer our clients an even better service by joining forces. We work really well together and refer to ourselves as the “dynamic duo”- one of us is always available for our clients and that has been instrumental in our success.

PL: What are the key stand-out points offered by Peard Real Estate?

Julie There are so many to list! Support, the latest technology and a strong focus on training really stand out to me. You certainly feel like you have a support network around you and having the best marketing tools like PRIMOLife magazine at hand makes our job so much easier. The company is also big on recognising and rewarding employees, which makes all the difference. Happy clients are satisfaction enough, but of course, being rewarded by the company is a great bonus and makes us feel appreciated.

PL: In your opinion, is December/January a good time for real estate agents to consider a company move?

Pauline December and January are the perfect months to make the move. Out with the old and in with the new, I say! The New Year is all about positive changes and moving your career forward - just make sure you are moving to the right company that can offer you more than your current employer.

PL: How does Peard Real Estate make the transition period easier?

Julie We keep coming back to it, but support is probably the standout. Everything is set up for you when you join and the fantastic administration team are always on hand to offer assistance.  Our Licensee provides us with hands-on assistance and is always available if we have a question. He really wants to see us succeed.

PL: How does Peard Real Estate assist in the rebranding process?

Pauline The marketing department has created countless advertising materials both print and online aimed at informing existing clients of your move and potential clients of your services. You are given all the tools to rebrand and start marketing your new venture so it's pretty stress-free. Rebranding is easy when you are joining such a premium company and we can honestly say that since the move, our business has boomed.

PL: What is your favourite aspect of working for Peard Real Estate?

Julie Being surrounded by like-minded and motivated professionals.  We work independently but we form a part of a greater team, and it’s a very encouraging atmosphere to be in. We share our successes and help each other out. Real estate agents will know that this kind of environment is uncommon in the industry. 

PL: What would you say to agents looking to make the move to a premium company such a Peard Real Estate?

Pauline Just do it! We remember the experience of moving and you will never feel like it’s the perfect time - you just have to take a chance. If you are serious about your career, you need to be working for Peter Peard. He’s a real person who is absolutely hands-on and cares not only about his company but everyone within it, which makes all the difference. He has a great support team and is always in the forefront of training and marketing; keeping us ahead of the competition. We are equipped to handle what the market throws at us – that’s the beauty of working for an independent agency and not a franchise. It doesn’t matter which office you work for, you receive the same support, and as a client, you receive the same level of service.

PL: How does the marketing allowance assist your business?

Julie Once you start selling properties, the marketing allowance allows you to promote your business in the most premium manner. Having the funds to print high-quality marketing materials makes a huge difference and relieves the stress of having to dip into your own pocket.

PL: What is your favourite thing about working in the Mandurah Office?

Pauline Without a doubt, the people. Our colleagues are great, the admin staff can never do enough for you and our Licensee motivates us every day. What more could we ask for?  

Are you getting the right support from your current employer? If not, it might be time for a change. Call Melissa Farrell, Director of Business Resource on 0404 084 244 and kick off 2016 with a bang


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