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    Coastal kings


Climbing to the top is tough. Staying there is a whole other ballgame but as Peard Real Estate Hillarys has shown, anything is possible with a fantastic team and a supportive environment. By Dea Lalovic. Images by Crib Creative

Strategically located in one of Perth biggest tourist destinations, the Hillarys office was the very first of the Peard Group, opening its doors in 1998.

Today, the team is the largest in size, and undoubtedly the Group's biggest success story.

In 2011, the northern suburbs powerhouse was recognised as WA’s most successful real estate office when it was awarded the prestigious REIWA titles of “Top Office by Listing Sold” and “Top Office for Value Sold” in 2011. The success continued into 2012, 2013, and then again in 2014.

Office Licensee Byron Wallace joined the team in July 2007, with a clear vision of how to make the office Perth’s number one, and there’s no denying his vision has come to life - and then some.

“Our office is a fantastic place to work," he says.

“We’re located in the beautiful Hillarys Marina and it’s hard not to be in a good mood when you walk into the office.

Team morale is running at an all-time high and as Byron explains, the awards are a true testament to an unbeatable working culture.

“I think when you’re happy at work, it really reflects in your motivation and drive.

While the marina serves as a picturesque place to work, it also acts as a major strategic advantage for the office, attracting potential buyers from all over Perth and beyond.

“We’ve been the top selling office for the fourth year running and I think there are a few factors that set us apart from our competitors.

“The marina draws in crowds all year around and the exposure we receive as a result is simply unbeatable.

“This alones means we host more home opens and meet more buyers.

“More importantly, when you have a bigger net to catch potential buyers, you can create competition which could potentially mean securing a more premium prices for your seller,” says Byron.

Those passing by would find it difficult to miss the illuminated blue-corner office displaying hundreds of premium coastal properties.

“Our interactive touchscreen also offers clients the ability to view our listings after hours, seven days a week, at their leisure.

“More importantly, the screen displays each and every Peard Real Estates property across the group, giving clients a range of homes to view, creating an extra selling tool for our colleagues in other offices.”

As the office prepares to proudly hang their fourth consecutive awards on the office wall, Byron remains modest, crediting much of the award success to the support the team has recevied from the Peard Group.

“There’s certainly an advantage when you’re part of an industry leader such as Peard.

“We have finance partners, access to top of the range marketing, training and see regular referrals from within the group.

“Couple that with our experienced sales team, and it’s a great mix.

Though a team effort, the awards wouldn’t be possible without impressive individual results, and Peard Real Estate breeds some of Perth's best.

Jarrod O’Neil started with Peard Real Estate Hilary’s in 2007. A complete career change for the new “rookie” of the office, Jarrod soon became the Top Selling Sales Associate at Peard Real Estate Hillarys, and before he knew it, group-wide, for the sixth year running

“There really is no secret to doing well in the industry," he says modestly.

“It’s a combination of a strong work ethic, passion and a drive to be the best.

With a 70% referral rate, there is no denying that Jarrod is leaving an impression on his clients.

“For me, it’s about working hard, being honest and securing the best sale price for my clients

“If my services are then referred by a client to their friend or family member, it’s really the biggest compliment,” says Jarrod.

Byron has seen Jarrod’s work ethic first hand and says his drive and commitment is unique.

“He expects a lot from himself, which is really reflected in his work.

“I think if Jarrod received a feedback form that wasn’t a 10/10, he’d ask why, and that is what sets him apart,” says Byron.

It’s no secret that Perth’s property market took a hit earlier this year when property sales slowed but Jarrod and the team have proved their success has no limitations.

“The market is definitely changing and I think now is the time where the good reps will stand out from the not-so-good ones.

“If you offer an excellent service, premium marketing and act with complete honesty, you can be successful no matter what the market is doing."

Jarrod places a lot of emphasis on having support from not only the company but also his family who have been an important part of him being able to forge a foothold in the market.

“Of course success comes from your own hard work, but working under such a well-established brand certainly gives you the upper hand.

“I think Peard is really at the forefront of staff training and recognition and it makes all the difference; we work hard and we’re rewarded for it.

“Our office is full of experienced reps who have been around for years and offer a wealth of knowledge.

A family man, Jarrod speaks fondly of his loving wife and children who he says give him the at-home support needed to survive in this industry.

“Real estate is demanding, and you really need to have people around you who understand the fact that you will be missing out on many family barbeques, birthdays and other special events.

“When you get a call from a potential buyer, you need to be ready and able to drop everything, because that buyer may not be there tomorrow.

“So if your family and friends can’t understand that, you’re going to have a problem."

As Perth’s property market starts to heat up again for spring, it’s time for Byron, Jarrod and the team to start planning for the year ahead. Being the best comes with a certain aspect of pressure, but the guys say they hope to maintain their winning streak.

“There are definitely competitors out there who’d like to knock us off our podium," says Byron.

“We’re expecting that they won’t make it easy for us next year, but we’re determined to stay up there."

The office plans to focus on recruitment over the coming months with the aim of building up another strong team for the financial year.

“Over the past few years some great reps have moved on to open up their own offices within the group.

“I think what we really need to do now is recruit our next generation of premium sales people to help us maintain our number one ranking.

“So we’re looking for the best; passionate and driven Sales Associates who share our vision and fit into the office dynamic," says Byron.

For Jarrod, it’s time to gear up for the busiest season of the year, but there’s one thing that needs to happen first, he says.

“I think a well-deserved holiday with my family is in order.”


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