• Branding your future

    Branding your future


How important is the brand that supports your real estate career?  In a tough market a strong brand can make all the difference, explains Dea Lalovic.

As Peard Real Estate’s CEO Peter Peard says, whether you’ve been in the game for some time or are looking to start out, choosing the right company could mean the difference between success and a short-lived foray into a challenging business.

“There are a few new names popping up around the place - real estate agencies offering reps unheard of commission scales and promising all kinds of benefits," says Peter.

“The thing is, these guys have been on the scene for five minutes and I urge reps to do their research before signing up for something they may regret."

The Peard Group prides itself on an innovative structure which has put them at the forefront of the industry for over a decade. Investing significant time and resources into his brand, Peter says his company offers career opportunities second to none.

“I don’t know any other real estate company putting in the behind-the-scenes work that we do on a regular basis.

“And the stats don’t lie - last month our Group was ranked second in the state, beaten by a marginal two sales and by a company who has 31 offices more than us. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me.

“From our corporate headquarters which house our administration, marketing, HR, recruitment and finance teams, we are committed to finding new ways to improve our brand and the experience we offer our clients.

“We spend in the millions of dollars on marketing per year from corporate signage at Domain Stadium, our own bespoke magazine, expos and community events, billboards, bus seat ads, premium office signage and individual rep and office advertising.

“Whether you are new to the industry or an experienced rep, this kind of support is priceless in terms of your career longevity”, says Peter.

Walk into any one of the Peard offices across Perth and you will meet many sales associates with a success story to tell, in many cases thanks to the Group’s support.

John Cowup, Sales Associate at the Mindarie office, joined the Group three years ago, and has never looked back.

“If I’m being honest, I did have to weigh up the pros and cons.

“I was chasing the highest commission at the time which is only natural when you are in sales, and there were several agencies offering a higher scale. But, with that said, the companies didn’t have the vision. There was no long-term picture.

“All of the agencies at the time seemed to offer the same thing and Peard really stood out from the crowd in terms of branding the company’s general direction.

“There was no hiding that these guys were premium - they didn’t need to offer higher commission scales to reps or discount their fees to clients. Their structure was solid, and they were confident in what they offered.

John says the Peard Group’s reputation and premium branding was everywhere - it was the company to be working for in his area (Mindarie) and he was prepared to sacrifice some commission to see where it could take him.

“Sure, I lost a bit of commission initially, but I gained so much more in the long run.

“I realised the benefits early on: speaking with clients and gaining vendor-paid advertising became much easier when working for a premium office."

It's not all down to the power of the Peard brand of course - the sales associate has to be prepared to put the hours in too says John.

 “Of course, you get out what you put in, and I worked really hard, but the support of the brand really made a difference.

“As a Peard rep, you also enjoy a generous marketing allowance which allows you to spend company money on profiling yourself."

Peter says his company works hard to help each individual sales associate reach success in their career.

“We want to see all of our reps do well. That’s what it all about - a successful team.

“Our training school is a good example of this. We were tired of seeing rookies come in with no training or direction and thrown right into the deep end, so we changed the way we did things.

“Our course is a WA first, and aims to equip our new sales associates with all the knowledge and tools to be successful. Our PRIMOLife magazine also offers reps an exclusive listing tool that gives them a real edge over their competition.

“That’s what you can expect from a company like ours, premium marketing, a support network and an unbeatable working culture,” says Peter. 

 (Picture of Peter) Are you getting the support you need in your real estate career? (Cally, next to these questions can you create two columns PEARD and MY COMPANY and place a tick in the Peard column next to every question- like a check list style thing)

My Licensee’s primary role is to lead our team and to always be there for me

My licensee is not in competition with me

Strong leadership and a great office culture ensure I always receive a fair distribution of leads

I am provided on-going daily training and support and structured one on one mentoring

the office support staff are always there to help me

I am paid a commission split that is comparably one of the best in WA and i am paid more commission the more business i write

I receive a generous advertising allowance to help me market and promote myself

Premium customer service and innovative, quality marketing is my company’s focus



My office is in a high profile location

my company hosts quarterly and annual awards functions and reward trips are on offer

I have access to a professional company website and i am provided my own personal mini-site

I have complimentary access to in-house Finance brokers and financial planning services

my company offers different streams of income

I have the support of A CEO and MD with over 25 years’ experience each

My company offers me ongoing leads

My company has  a dedicated Hr department for inductions and employee satisfaction

I have access to a marketing department to help me build my brand

My company invests in corporate marketing and brand awareness

I am not being charged for general business costs photo copies, phone calls etc




If not, maybe it’s time to assess the direction of your career. For a confidential discussion on how Peard Real Estate can take you career to the next level, please call Melissa Farrell for a confidential chat on 0404 084 244UR COMPANY TICK ALL THE BOXES?


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