By Norman Burns
  • Green machine

    Green machine


Just flicking through this speccy new book from Stockholm-based couple David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl is enough to make you dash out and buy a you-beaut new “blitzer”.

I know because I did just that, with a new-found mission to become ‘smoothie-savvy’. The pair first forged a name for themselves with a blog, Green Kitchen Stories, and it proved so popular they’re now full-time foodies - and with long hours cooking, shooting and styling food shots they say the quick-fix delicious and healthy smoothie has become their go-to meal-on-the-run. From tips and tricks, to ‘simple’ smoothies of just a few ingredients, to post-work-out drinks and even dessert (check out the Chia & Raspberry Pudding), this is a oozing deliciousness on every page. 

Green Kitchen Smoothies | The Green Kitchen, Hardie Grant Books, $29.99

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