By Meg Coffey
  • Making SM work for your business

    Making SM work for your business


I'm often asked how to make the most of social media in a business, so here's my advice

Don't just make it a resolution to get involved with social media this year, bite the bullet and do it! If 2013 was the year people began to embrace social for business, this is the year it will become mainstream.

Make sure you are ready and give yourself a quick social media audit with these four great tips…

  • Your profile photo

Also referred to as an avatar, this is the photo that will be used around social media sites when you comment and interact. Your profile photo should look professional while also clearly reflecting your brand. Don’t use group photos, blurry logos or anything you wouldn’t want your mum to see. Invest in headshots or work with a graphic designer to create images that are appropriate to the platforms you are using them on.

  • Use background and banner Images

Images are becoming more and more important in social media. Take advantage of cover photos and banner images to show off your brand – make sure they are well designed and meet any required guidelines; include descriptions for the photos, a call to action and/or links.

  • Study, follow and copy trends

The internet is an ever-changing landscape; always be ahead of the curve by studying, following and copying online trends. If you’re using social media for business, look at what your competitors are doing – both successfully and not – and learn how to apply those practices to your efforts.

  • Engage with others

Your engagement (talking about this / total page likes = user engagement percentage) should be at least 2%. If it’s not, look at the type of content you are posting; make sure you have a content strategy and stay on brand.

Are you engaging with your fans? Make sure to like comments and respond to all questions from your users.


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