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  • Lee-ding the way

    Lee-ding the way


Paul, Shaun and Dean have worked in property for many years, but say the highlight of their careers has undoubtedly been their decision to open up a Peard Real Estate office in one of the coolest areas around- Leederville

It's the quirky city fringe suburb jam-packed with cafes, vintage clothing shops and bookstores that boasts a personality and charm unlike any other. A destination for great coffee, food, an unbeatable atmosphere and now - a premium real estate experience.

Among the hustle and bustle lies one of the Peard Group's biggest success stories - Peard Real Estate Leederville.

It’s the story of a small branch which in its first year alone achieved a place in REIWA’s 2013 Top 100 Offices alongside all the big-shot names of WA real estate.

Starting with only six employees, the office has more than tripled in size since opening its doors in November 2012. With more than 270 sold properties in less than 18 months, the team are set to top their 83rd place this year.

Shareholders Shaun Pettit, Paul Chang-Leng, and Dean Bradley say they saw a real potential for growth in the area and the decision to open an office in the famous coffee district has proven to be more than worthwhile.

All working as Sales Associates at the time, the guys were keen to take their careers to the next level and say the timing “felt right”.

Paul, Sales Manager, says almost five years of planning and consideration went into opening the office.

“There was a lot to consider - branding, location, structure and the property market at the time. We explored a number of avenues including branching out on our own, but ultimately decided that Peard Real Estate would give us the best chance at success.

“After speaking to Peter Peard about our goals, we joined the Hillarys Office with an aim to open our own branch when the location and opportunity became available. Peter’s great like that. If you’ve got a vision, he will help make it happen,” says Paul.

As Director, Dean says becoming a shareholder in the office has been a great way to continue doing what he loves, while gaining more of a stake in a company.

“It was an opportunity to move away from being a Sales Associate and to own a part of the business.

“We had the team, a strong brand and the perfect location."

Dean acknowledges that Leederville itself may play its own part in the success story of the office.

“There’s something really special and eclectic about Leederville," he said.

"It caters for everyone - great coffee shops, restaurants, bars, boutique stores, places to take the kids for ice-cream and it's right near the train station,” he said.

An inner city portal, the Leederville team are right in the middle of the busy hub.

As the office expanded, so too did the areas covered, with Peard Real Estate Leederville now selling properties in Leederville, Mt Hawthorn, North Perth, Balcatta, Tuart Hill, Inglewood, West Perth and Subiaco, focusing on an array of properties starting anywhere from one bedroom apartments to $1million plus family homes.

And it appears the real estate industry has caught wind of the team’s success.

“We’re now at the point where potential Sales Associates are knocking on our door, asking to join the team. It doesn’t get much better than that,” says Dean.

So how does a real estate office go from the ‘new guys in town’, to an ever-growing office, ranking higher than more established competition?

Peard Real Estate Leederville’s Licensee Shaun says it's in no small way thanks to the strong Peard brand and back-end support.

“The Peard Group’s brand reputation made it easy to get the office off the ground early on.

“Having the Group's marketing, accounts, HR and recruitment departments at our disposal to handle all of the back of house aspects allows us to focus on what we do best - selling property.

“We have a massive supply of marketing material, like PRIMOLife magazine, ready to go and the corporate branding is second to none. Having regular signage at the Eagles and Dockers AFL games is just one example of exposure a small office simply couldn’t sustain on their own.

“And it’s not just from the Corporate Office, it’s the support from the other offices too. If you have a question, just pick up the phone and call one of the other Licensees or Managers and they
won’t think twice about helping you out. That’s pretty rare to find in this industry,” explains Shaun.

Paul couldn’t agree more and says the support is invaluable.

“The brand gave us the confidence to enter the marketplace. If you’re confident in your brand, it makes selling much easier.

“I couldn’t imagine establishing an office let alone a brand from scratch. It would be very challenging.

“The Group’s unique structure and endless support takes away the small things that we just can’t afford to get bogged down with in this fast paced industry,” says Paul.

He describes it perfectly as "the Peard Culture," referring to the many work functions hosted by the Group giving employees the opportunity to form a professional network and perhaps more importantly, long-lasting friendships.

Peard Real Estate Leederville is looking forward to another exciting year as fresh new faces join the team hoping for a piece of the action.  

Are you interested in opening a Peard Real Estate branch office and growing our premium brand?

The Peard Real Estate Group is not a franchise – our unique business model ensures that at least 51% of each office is owned by the Peard Group, the remainder is owned by shareholders within that office. This structure allows for standard systems and processes which in turn makes the everyday operations seamless and the brand stronger.   

To find out more about opening an office, please contact Business Resource Manager Melissa Farrell for a confidential chat on 0404 084 244.

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