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  • From rookie to ready

    From rookie to ready


After ten weeks of intensive training, the first Peard Career Centre graduates are raring to go, says Dea Lalovic

The first group of Peard Real Estate’s Rookie School recruits have graduated, and it’s safe to say, there’s nothing rookie about them.

With ten listings, eight properties sold and 29 appraisals achieved throughout the term of the course, the group's newest Sales Associates are already making their mark in the industry.

In March the company launched a new Sales Associate training course as a part of the newly developed Peard Career Centre (PCC).

The vision was simple; provide new-to-the-industry Sales Associates with the best chance for success through intensive real estate training.

Headed by the group’s Training Manager, Sylvia Stephens, the ten-week course aims to equip recruits with the essential skills to help develop their careers within Peard Real Estate and, as the recent graduates will tell you, it has done just that, and so much more.

Vince Tong joined Peard Real Estate in early April and says he couldn’t imagine entering the real estate industry any other way.

“You can’t just start selling property," he said. “It would be like throwing a person who couldn’t swim into an ocean and telling them, go on, swim. They wouldn’t know what to do or which direction to go they’d go under for sure.

“Sylvia has taught us how to swim,” he said.

Although getting the license is relatively easy, becoming a successful Real Estate Sales Associate is no mean feat. Potential Sales Associates are required to complete a Real Estate Registration Course, after which they are on their own - leaving it up to each individual to establish their client base and their place within their chosen company.

For PCC graduate Louann Hogan, this was a particularly scary thought.

“The Real Estate Registration Course is great, but it only gives you theory. Sylvia gives you practical knowledge you can actually use out there," she said.

“No one’s going to bring the clients to you, you need to go out and find them yourself. Sure, this is a sales industry, but you don’t actually have a physical product to start off with, you need to go out and find it. The PCC course gives you the knowledge and confidence to do that,” she said.

Ray D’Costa couldn’t agree more and says the learning has been invaluable.

“There are so many scenarios that you will come across in the industry on a daily basis.  A short license course can’t possibly teach you everything you need to be able to handle those situations.

“There’s no doubt that the knowledge I now have is going to mean I can negotiate better, close deals, and sell more,” he said.

And with two listings under his belt already, the proof is there for all to see.

Aside from the knowledge gained from relevant industry material, work experience and insights from guest speakers within Peard Real Estate and the wider industry, the new Sales Associates credit much of their success and learning to the expert teachings of their Training Manager, Sylvia.

There’s no question they hold Sylvia in high regard. Described as the 'Mother Hen' of the group by many of the recruits, they pay credit to her for their confidence, knowledge and drive.

Annabelle Purser says Sylvia's support has made all the difference.

“Sylvia is that lifeline you need when you’re new to an industry. Even now, if you have a query about anything at all, at any time of the day, just give her a call and she will have an answer for you.

“To have that kind of support behind you is very reassuring,” says Annabelle.

Perhaps the most unexpected outcome of the course are the new-found professional friendships formed, or as Vince affectionately refers to it - his 'Peard Family'.

“I know it sounds cliché, but we’re all like one big family really.

“And it’s not just us in the course, but the other experienced Sales Associates from throughout the company who came and spoke to us about their experience and success. I don’t know where else you’ll find a company where the big guys are willing to share their stories and secrets just to help you out, it’s amazing,” he said.

Annabelle agrees and stresses the importance of a supportive team environment when entering the real estate industry.

“It was a massive benefit to do the course with other rookies from the same company. We have formed strong friendships but also an instant network which spreads across all of Perth.

“We’re new to an industry, but were not alone and I don’t doubt we will be calling each other for years to come. The statistics say that at least one of us in this class won’t be doing this in a year’s time. But I’d like to think we will all beat those odds,” she said.

What PCC New Sales Associates had to say…

About the course

“Having a trainer, listening to other success stories, role playing and having colleagues to bounce ideas off of has just been invaluable.  The confidence it has given me is far greater than what I would have had without this training. If you’re thinking about real estate and doing this course, do it! Don’t even think about it. Just do it!”  Ray D’Costa

“Getting to learn the Peard Real Estate way of doing things was definitely an advantage and it is already proving worthwhile.” Adam Mist

“Stepping into the industry for the first time as a rookie is hard. There’s too much information to digest - you can’t even remember something as simple as which documents you need to bring when doing an appraisal at a client’s home. This course teaches you step by step and you’re given the opportunity to put your learning into practice throughout the course.”  Vince Tong

“The Real Estate Registration course only gives you so much information in a short amount of time. This course expands on the theory and gives you practical knowledge to work with.” Tony Ronaldson

“To be really honest, I think you’d be crazy to enter the industry without having done this course.” Kerry Lee

“The best thing for me has been feeling comfortable enough to ask any question in class - no question is too ‘stupid’.” Annabelle Purser

“The course gives you the confidence to dive into the daunting tasks such as door-knocking. Before starting the course I couldn’t imagine knocking on someone’s door, now, it’s easy.”  Pauline Lyon

About Sylvia

“Real Estate companies will always promise you the world. They say 'We will monitor you, help you along the way' but the reality is those people have their own things to focus on.  Sylvia, on the other hand, is completely dedicated to making you better. Nothing else.” Tony Ronaldson

“She’s patient and she understands where we are at.”  Louann Hogan

“We can call on her any time of the day for help, she’s amazing.” Pauline Lyon

“Sylvia really knows her stuff, she’s a fantastic teacher.”  Vince Tong

“She knows the real estate industry inside out, there’s no one better to learn from.” Kerry Lee. 

Are you considering a career in real estate? Contact Peard Real Estate’s Business Resource Manager, Melissa Farrell, to find out when the next Peard Career Centre course commences. The right candidates will be provided with a position in one of our offices, a proven course module and expert training from company and industry professionals. Call Melissa today on 0404 084 244 and find out why our Sales Associates are enjoying industry success sooner.

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