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  • The gang again

    The gang again


GANGgajang have produced some true classics in their time with the hit singles Gimme Some Lovin, House of Cards, Giver of Life and Sounds of Then (This is Australia).

Very soon the gang are about to bring these classics and more to Astor Theatre as part of their national tour.

Tori Wilson chats with original member Buzz Bidstrup (formerly of The Angels) to find out more.

PL: Sounds of Australia has absolutely dominated as a postmodern Aussie anthem. Did you expect it to be such a hit when writing it?

BB: The genesis of that song was a poem that Mark wrote about his experiences of living in a house in Bundaberg and coming over from England as a migrant in the early seventies. I guess we never expected to do what it’s done, but we’re eternally grateful that it did.

PL: What are some of your personal favourites songs to play that are perhaps less known than Sounds of Australia?

BB: For me, I like our new song, “Circles in the Sand”, I think that’s a cracker. I enjoy playing that, we recorded that last year. There’s lots. I still like “Gimme Some Loving” which was our very first single, I’m fairly attached to that. But look, I have a soft spot for pretty much everything we play. There’s not one that we play that I don’t like.

PL: In your first interview, you described GANGgajang’s sound as ‘pre world beat, post heavy metal folk funk’. What was the influence behind that sound?

BB: Chris and I as the rhythm section of The Angels were kind of known for a particular style, but we also we right into things like Funk and Soul from an early age. Although that didn’t show so much in The Angels, it was certainly in our psyche so we brought that to GANGgajang. That’s sort of something that come from all of the band members really, having that background in 60’s music.

PL: Are you still the same band that you were at that point or would you say your style changed over the years?

BB: No, I think we’re pretty much the same band. I think that’s the beauty of it; that we haven’t tried to chase styles or we haven’t tried to chase fads or fashions, we just play how we play. And if you listen to our records – though we haven’t been particularly prolific – they still have the same threads right the way through them.

GANGgajang – The Giver of Life Sunday Session, Astor Theatre, August 6. To purchase tickets visit

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