By Tori Wilson
  • Pop with purpose

    Pop with purpose


How do you imagine a Justin Bieber concert the moment he appears on stage? Thousands of young girls screaming his name in anticipation, with flashing lights and smoke shooting in all directions?

Well, it was definitely that, and more.

Justin had a surprisingly diverse fan base turning up, loud and proud, for his Purpose World Tour, with attendees of all ages and genders gawking at the star; their eyes bulging and voices straining.

With Sheppard and Martin Garrix as the opening acts, and all the bells and whistles of a big top circus – fireworks, smoke, lasers, lights, dynamic dancers, and an automated stage -  Justin’s Purpose World Tour was a spectacle certainly worth your attention.

Not many seemed to notice that Justin mimed for a decent portion of his performance, completely giving up all pretences by the time he sung What Do You Mean? 

Most likely they were distracted by his talented crew of back-up dancers, the productions superb theatrics, and of course, his charming looks – or, perhaps they just didn’t care?

Despite Justin’s unwillingness to dance and sing (for real) at the same time and his somewhat slack expression worn for the first half of the show, he easily compensated with the tracks that were truly sung live.

In terms of talent, the highlight for the night had to be his acoustic set.

He sat comfortably on a velvet, burgundy couch and engaged genuinely with the crowd. Unlike his mimed tracks, which had a smooth, airy resonance, he sounded raw and authentic. He projected his voice with feeling.

The night ended on a metaphorical and literal bang with Justin’s top hit “Sorry” and an eruption of fireworks. The crowd sung along in unison like a complementary support choir and their energy was felt across the venue.

The masses of fans left nib Stadium beaming as they had received exactly what they wanted – an entertaining performance and the presence of the Biebs.


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