By Tori Wilson
  • God bless America

    God bless America


The global sensation America, famous for their harmonies and unique sound, have returned to Australia for a national tour.

Tori Wilson speaks with Dewey Bunnell to find out more.

PL: What can we expect from your upcoming tour? Will you be featuring many tracks from your 2015 album Lost and Found? 

DB: Without giving away any surprises, I can say that we are playing at least one tune from the Lost & Found album which is "Driving", and we have worked up "Monster" from the Harbor album as well as "Greenhouse" from the Hourglass album. Of course the bulk of the show will be songs from the 70's and 80's.

PL: What is it that brings you back to Australia? What are you looking forward to most? 

DB: We’ve been coming to Australia since 1975 and enjoy every visit. Gerry has married his Australian love, Sally, so we actually have some residential ties down under!

PL: After 47 years producing 18 albums and countless universal hits, what makes you want to keep going? Is the thrill of making and performing music still as strong as ever?

DB: It has always been a labor of love with Gerry and I to produce music and perform it live. We have virtually grown up in the business, having started professionally while in our teens. So this is all we have ever done and we get great satisfaction from the effort.

PL: Can we expect any new America albums in the near future?

DB: As happens with bands that have been around for decades, we have been sifting through old tapes and files recently with our friend Jeff Larson, compiling demos, outtakes, and recordings that did not make it on albums in the day. Similar to Lost & Found, we plan to release compilations that may be of interest. Otherwise we continue to perform every year.

America National Tour, July 24 – August 3. For more info visit

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