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  • Foodies of Perth

    Foodies of Perth


Tori Wilson meets Krystina Milosevich and Stefan Lares, the brains behind the brand, Perth Grub. 

If you're a foodie of Perth, you've probably already heard of the instagrammers Perth Grub, your up-to-date go-to for things divine and delicious... But now this Perth couple are ramping things up a notch with the launch of their Perth Grub website, bringing us more niche gems scattered throughout our city.


PL: How did you get started with Perth Grub?

Stefan Lares: We were going out for brunch together a lot, and posting on our own personal instagram accounts whenever we went somewhere new. After a while we both felt that we were posting food a bit too much on our own personal accounts, and we wanted to avoid annoying our friends. We thought the best thing to do would be to start a new separate account for our food adventures, where anyone who might be interested could follow us. It was only intended to be a sort of personal foodie outlet, we had no idea that it would take off the way it did!


PL: Do you remember the first thing you ever instagrammed?

Krystina Milosevich: The very first post on Perthgrub's was our lunch at Little Willy's in Northbridge, back on September 16, 2014. I used to take our photos on my iPod, so the photo is extremely poor quality, but the memories from those early days are sweet.


PL: Tell us, what’s your new website all about?

KM: is your go-to guide to find all the best food, lifestyle, and events around Perth. Since expanding from Instagram, we're also moving the focus Australia wide, featuring brands, and products we love. It's really a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for anything from what's on in Perth this weekend, to cafes in your area serving a delish smashed avo. 

In our lifestyle category, we love featuring small businesses we've discovered in fashion, and beauty. We're keeping the focus on niche, and exciting brands.


PL: Where did your idea for the website come from?

KM: Instagram is great, but there's only so much you can write in those tiny caption boxes! We found that when we visited a restaurant we love, or discovered a new coffee roaster, we couldn't express the details we wanted to share. We're able to share so many more drool-worthy photos on the website, and provide better detail of our experiences. 

Perthgrub on Instagram is primarily food, and drink. We have a passion for discovering the very best in fashion, and beauty, and we're now able to share those wonderful discoveries on the website, including interviews, and a lot of #behindthescenes photos.


PL: Where would you like to see Perth Grub in 5 years? 

KM: There are so many places we can take Perthgrub! Every day we're given new opportunities, and our brains are always ticking, finding ways to make Perthgrub the best it can be. In the near future, we'll be collaborating with quite a few Perth businesses, working together, and possibly creating product. We'll just have to see where the wind takes us! 

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