By Tori Wilson, images by Rebecca Mansell
  • Taking flight

    Taking flight


Perth and winter aren’t two concepts that typically spark excitement when put together, but the City of Perth’s Winter Arts Season is rapidly changing my mind on that matter…

Think mulled wine, roasted chestnuts and art appreciation - this is what I experienced at the City of Perth’s launch for the Winter Arts Season and I’m hoping to return for more.

Fortunately, across the next three months, 16 commissioned artworks and over 150 art events can be spotted across the City, so I have plenty of time to explore Perth's new art scene. Throughout the CBD, artworks and performances will take place in vacant shop fronts, public spaces, shopping arcades and laneways.

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi has announced that the Season will incorporate a wide range of art experiences including theatre, music, film, public art, comedy, family, dance, cabaret, visual art, street art, literature and interactive events – so there’s a lot going on to bring Perth to life over the cooler months.

“There are more than 150 programmed art events from galleries, theatres and venues across the City and around 60 warming food and beverage offers from over 30 hospitality venues,” says Ms Scaffidi.

“Over the winter months Perth will come alive as people discover new experiences and spaces and come to appreciate the beauty and delight that art can bring.”

This remarkable concept kicked off on Friday with the official launch of the artwork 'Sky', by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman. 'Sky' is a temporary installation in Forrest Place that has been inspired by the stunning blue winter skies of Perth. The launch for this piece was breathtaking.

For the first eight minutes that 'Sky' was awoken, it was complemented by a choreographed dance that captivated the attention of the surrounding crowd. The installation was programmed to work in harmony with the contemporary dancers, gracefully flowing with the faux wind and simulating the movement of cloud and sky.

The performance was beautiful, however, this installation has much more to give. Post-dance the art piece is designed to interact playfully with people passing by and curiously looking in. Geoffrey intends for each person to have the power to control the wind, just like a magician who summons the forces of nature to bring about a storm. But ultimately, Geoffrey wishes to convey to nature of the sky; it’s dynamics, it’s patterns, and moods.

If Sky is just the beginning, I’m looking forward to layering up, grabbing a hot takeaway coffee and exploring the city of Perth for more on what the Winter Arts Season has to offer. 

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