By Tori Wilson
  • Ghost whisperer

    Ghost whisperer


John Edward, one of America’s most acclaimed psychic mediums, talks to Tori Wilson about his mystic abilities before heading our way for a national tour.

TW: Tell me about your abilities, what exactly can you do as a psychic medium?

JE: The psychic part of my work is connecting my abilities with my clients and talking to them about what’s happening now in their life and what’s coming for them.

The medium portion of my work is where I’m using the same psychic ability but I’m actually connecting with those who have crossed over to the other side and I’m passing on messages from loved ones to let their family members know that: one, they’re okay and two, how they’re still with them.

TW: Do you believe anyone has the ability to train their minds to channel the energies of those who have moved on?

JE: No. I think everybody has the ability to intuitively recognise their loved ones and friends; everybody could walk outside and tell you if it’s raining, but not everybody could be a meteorologist.

TW: How can you tell a genuine psychic medium from a fake?

JE: I think information is probably the best place to start. What kind of information are they saying? Are they giving you superlative generalities? Philosophical pearls of wisdom that are accurate and applicable? Or are they giving you facts?

TW: Can you apply your ability to your own life or only others? For example, can you see your own future and connect with the deceased who were close to you during life?

JE: Yeah, I use it all the time. It’s how I think. It’s all about energy and understanding other energies. You’re understanding meteorology, you’re understanding astrology. Understanding things like that, which are philosophical and metaphysical science are also ways that I look at my life.

TW: Have you ever seen a ghost? Would you refer to those that you connect with as ghosts?

JE: I think a ghost is just another name for an energy or a spirit or an apparition, so have I seen things? Yeah. More sporadically when I started. It takes a lot of energy to manifest, so sometimes when they want to show me something they’ll show it to me in my mind’s eye clairvoyantly. 

TW: What’s the most profound experience you’ve had as a psychic medium?

JE: One example is when I was reading for a person who was in her seventies. Her stepfather came through and he came in a very positive way towards her with a lot of love. She had had a conversation with him and was the last person to actually see him before he committed suicide, so she held on to guilt. She was in high school; so, she was a 17-year-old girl who lost her stepfather to a suicide and felt responsible in some respect for her entire life until he came through in her seventies – that was powerful.

TW: Do your abilities ever freak you out?

JE: No, not really. Sometimes I wish that there were more insights that I would get personally; but I recognise I’m here just like everyone else so I have to allow myself to be human and say ‘okay, they’re not going to answer you on that’.

TW: Where are these energies that you connect with? Are they those in limbo who have not ‘crossed over’ (like in The Sixth Sense)?

JE: I don’t think they’re stuck. I think there’s another dimension that mirrors the dimension that we’re living in and you could call it the spirit world or the other side, the afterlife, the hereafter, whatever people want to call it.

TW: Can you read people over the phone?

JE: I would say 90% of my clientele happen over Skype and over the phone and it’s very easy, it’s like the radio. If I felt something I would totally tell you. I’m sure your next question will be, ‘Are you feeling anything now??’ (Yep.)

Nah, I would tell you. I would ask you if you wanted to know.

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