• Songs of love and loss

    Songs of love and loss


Amanda Canzurlo, aka Bloom, will be bringing her brand of ambient pop to the Ellington Jazz Club in November. We find out what makes this young musician tick.

PRIMOLife Tell us who you are and what you do.

Bloom My name is Amanda Canzurlo; singer-songwriter, I perform under the pseudonym of Bloom. 

PL What do you sing in the shower?

B I don’t actually sing in the shower! I must be the only singer who doesn’t. Being an independent artist, life can be a little hectic at times, so the shower is my one escape from the woarld, it’s my quiet place.

PL Who are your musical heroes?

B There are a lot of musicians I look up to or that have inspired me at different times of my life, Sting, Laura Pausini, Celine Dion, Tina Turner - they were some of my main influences growing up. Now that I know more about the “business” side of things - I draw a lot of my inspiration from my musical peers here in Perth, as I know how tough it is being independent.

PL What’s on your Spotify/iPod playlist at the moment?

B I like to explore the “moods” so the last shuffle play was the “Deep Dark Indie” genre… BUT the last playlist I made up was a collection of 90s RnB classics – Craig David, Shaggy, TLC – I usually listen to that before getting ready for a girls night out! 

PL Who would be your dream musical mentor or collaborator?

B In keeping with my current direction, I would love to write a track with Jon Bellion, SOHN or KWABS. Great voices and beautiful minds – I think they would really push my own creative boundaries and take my own writing to the next level. . .  ahhh, a girl can dream.

PL Tell us about your new EP.

B This is the first EP for Bloom. It is dark, moody and chilled. I like to describe it as ambient pop. Think BANKS meets Lana Del Rey. Lots of cool electronica, a recent addition to my sound. The stories are all about love, loss and death, all topics we can all relate to and I think we can feel the most alone when going through these tough times, so hopefully through the lyrics and music people can feel comfort on some level and know that they aren’t alone.

PL What do you love about Perth/WA?

B The beaches! So cliché but it is true, we have amazing weather and I love to escape for a weekend away exploring our South West.

PL What are you looking forward to most?

B Launching my new EP! It has been over a year of writing and recording and I am super-excited to FINALLY share it with everyone at The Ellington on November 18. I don’t want to give too much away, but the audio/visual aspects of the night will be pretty impressive – sooooo excited to bring the songs to life in front of a live audience.

PL How would you sum up your fashion style?

B Casual, simple. I am a jeans ‘n’ T-shirt girl when I’m off stage, oh and lots of black! I do love Sass & Bide though, and they are bringing some bursts of colour into my closet.  


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