• A cut above the rest

    A cut above the rest


What makes a diamond sparkle and why do some sparkle more than others? Tony Smales from Smales Jewellers shares his expertise.

Most of us know of the four ‘Cs’ that are applied to a diamond when determining its quality: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat.

But few may realise that just how much a diamond’s cut can impact on its sparkle.

“The cut of a diamond is very important - arguably the most important of the four Cs - because it affects the overall proportions of the diamond, which in turn affect how light interacts when it passes through the diamond and is then seen by the eye,” says Tony Smales, director of Smales Jewellers, one of Western Australia’s oldest and most prestigious jewellers.

“For example, the cut of a modern brilliant cut diamond is designed to maximise the amount of scintillation or brilliance.

"This is the amount of white light refracted back to the eye so you can see the prismatic light display, which is commonly called the rainbow effect.”

While nature determines a diamond’s colour, clarity and carat, a master craftsman is needed to create its cut. Numerous flat surfaces, otherwise known as facets, are cut over the entire diamond. Diamonds are usually multi-faceted, so the light can travel through the diamond and then the facets can refract light from each other, creating a sparkle.

“Light reflection is determined by how well the diamond is cut. Cuts are graded from an ideal cut through to a poor cut and  then recorded on diamond certificates,” says Tony.

When a diamond is well cut, light enters and reflects back through the observer’s eye, which leads to brilliance. When poorly cut, the light enters and leaks out of the sides or the bottom, meaning less brilliance.

“There’s only one type of diamond in the world that can claim to be ‘The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond’ and that’s a Hearts On Fire diamond.

“Hearts On Fire has developed proprietary diamond cutting technology that promises that each Hearts On Fire diamond is cut perfectly every single time.

“Because of its perfect cut, a Hearts On Fire diamonds sparkles more than any other,” he says.

From its precise selection of the rarest diamond crystals, Hearts On Fire’s master craftsmen then cut and polish at 100x magnification, while the rest of the industry only operates at 10x magnification. To achieve this elite polish and finish, only the world’s best diamond cutters are actually qualified to cut and craft a Hearts On Fire diamond.

Hearts On Fire is a high-end diamond jewellery brand established in the United States. The brand has an extensive range of stunning classic and contemporary designs crafted in 18 carat golds or platinum – each featuring its perfectly cut diamonds.

From engagement rings and wedding bands to pendants, earrings, bracelets and dress rings, diamond lovers have hundreds of stunning designs to choose from.

“Brides are increasingly choosing Hearts On Fire for their engagement rings and wedding bands because of the quality and sparkle.

“The large range of designs which are all available in a variety of carats means you can find that perfect ring on almost any budget,” says Tony.

Hearts On Fire diamond jewellery is exclusive to Smales showrooms in Western Australia. The company has three beautiful showrooms located in Subiaco, Bunbury and Kalgoorlie.

“It’s important that customers understand what they’re buying. A diamond is such a special thing and you need to be 100% happy with your purchase,” says Tony.

“Our staff are all diamond experts and they’re dedicated to helping clients find that perfect engagement ring, wedding band or gift.” 

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