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By Sara James and Kaitlin Beck [ Wed, October 07, 2015 ]

In this competitive property market, invest in real estate staging to make your property pop says Sara James of Perth Style Co.

During everyday small talk, people ask: “So what do you do for a living”?

The superhero in my head replies silently: “I infiltrate the property market!”

When in fact I say I’m a real estate stylist, the common reply is “what’s that?” or “that’s home staging, right? Furnishing flashy homes?”

The answer is yes, but mostly no. Real estate styling is a somewhat of new concept here in Australia and very fresh here in Perth.

Born in the US and commonly known there as home staging, real estate styling includes an array of pre-sale property services by experienced property people like ourselves. We're people who understand the current market and the buyer psychology surrounding certain demographics, and the result drives exceptional results.

In a nutshell, home staging covers the preparation of homes for sale – whether that be styling a lived-in property, or bringing furniture and homewares into a vacant home.

As in any industry, there are many levels of services offered and we are here to educate what real estate styling is and how it can benefit the real estate industry.

Thanks to television shows like The Block and Million Dollar Listing (a favourite of ours), people are starting to learn all about the key role real estate styling plays when selling a property.

But until it's better understood by agents, sellers and interior designers themselves, lots of misconceptions will continue.

So to set the record straight, here's what we at Perth Style Co. can do:

  • Pre-sale consultations services (for occupied properties);
  • Furniture hire options;
  • Premium staging and styling for vacant homes;
  • Furniture fit out packages (sold with the property).

At Perth Style Co. our expertise is in developing strategic and effective marketing concepts for homes about to hit the market.

We present properties as marketable products by working closely with agents and developers across Perth to ensure a property not only pops visually but perhaps more importantly, stands out from its competition.

We are sure you’re well aware of the current market conditions in Perth, with nearly 6,000 more listings currently on the market than this time last year! It’s tough out there. So perhaps it's time you asked yourself this.

Are your misconceptions of real estate styling costing you and your property money?

Misconception number 1

Real estate styling is just for luxury properties

The truth

Of course you'll see us marketing our best looking houses and may as a result think that real estate styling is purely for the luxury property market. We're here to tell you that it is accessible for each and every property about the hit the market. More so in fact - almost all properties could benefit from at least one of our services offered. Every home needs a competitive edge.

Misconception number 2

A vacant property looks bigger

The truth

Big mistake! Huge! It’s actually the opposite. You would be amazed how furniture and home wares can transform a space. The colour, the style, the theme totally change a buyer's perception on a home. If you really want to impact the sale time and price then the property has GOT to connect on an emotional level with buyers. To put it bluntly, we have never seen anyone fall in love with carpet and blank walls.

Misconception number 3

“I like our house”

The truth

The way you live in your home day to day is certainly not how you present it for sale and expect it to sell. Most people love their home but the truth is, it’s THEIR home. To welcome buyers, people need to picture their lifestyle in your property which often means stripping back to neutral bases. We hate to create work for you, but in this market you just can't put a sign up without getting organised around the house.

Misconception number 4

Furniture hire looks too generic

The truth

Just like choosing the right business or tradesperson to take on any job, if you want quality and results you need to appoint the right person. Cheap prices and fast fit-out times WILL get you a generic look. And a generic look is OK; it's certainly better than vacant. But at certain price points, it can dilute the value of a property. If you're making the investment in furniture hire, make sure your stylist knows your local market, buyer demographic, has access to a large product suite of furnishings, and most importantly works closely with your agent.

Or better still, call us.

Misconception number 5

My friend can help me style my property..

The truth

Anyone can take a trip to Ikea on a Saturday and chuck a few cushions about. It's the strategy that's vital, and can be easy to get wrong. You have to know who your styling is targeted to, and how they will respond emotionally, not to mention preparing for photos. With a Perth Style Co. Pre Sale Consultation, we can set you on the right track and you can still enjoy your DIY staging project with your friend and nail it.

Misconception number 6

Real estate styling is too expensive for me and my property

The truth

This is something we hear quite commonly. And our response to you is this: "Can you afford not to?"

While your property sits on the market and a stream of buyers say, “Oh that one is still on the market”, you have really lost your opportunity of a wow factor impact. This leads to low offers as the listing gets stale and buyers sit and wait for a price reduction.

You get one chance to hit the market with a bang.

Our pre-sale consultations are $250 ex GST.

If your area is flooded with similar listings and your property is vacant then real estate styling is your weapon of choice. It WILL hands down, without a doubt, impact your time on the market.

If your property is vacant and you’re paying a monthly mortgage then it’s costing you money. A Staging and Styling package is how you will get results fast. Remember, the cost of styling your property for sale WILL be less than your first price reduction.

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