Making dreams come true

By Sara James and Kaitlin Beck [ Wed, April 01, 2015 ]

Introducing Sara James and Kaitlin Beck, PRIMOLife’s new real estate styling columnists from Perth Style Co.

If your house is newly listed, you’ll understand how important it is to stand out from the crowd. In Perth’s increasingly petulant real estate market, buyers are hard to please, savvy and want the dream.

And the simple truth is if you aren’t selling that dream, then they aren’t buying.

Our role at Perth Style Co. is to take properties, sprinkle some real estate styling magic across the whole property and transform your chances of a sale from possible to probable. 

We look at each property through a buyer’s eyes and strategically style the home, giving our clients the edge over others perhaps also selling in the same street. 

Thanks to our combined backgrounds in real estate, property finance and a big dose of creativity, we follow a mantra which we apply to each new project. We say ‘the rules are simple’ - and it’s our eye for detail and clever use of staging ‘props’ sourced from a wide variety of interior design sources, which informs each real estate staging we create. 

We assess each property in a very precise way, from investigating what other properties in the same or similar streets are selling for, how they’re being marketed and why a house may be missing the target with potential buyers.

It could be something as simple as the wrong type of accessories on display - people make decisions to buy a houses based on more than just bricks and mortar. 

We manage expectations too from the first call - we’ll view the property and assess the owner’s expectations for sale, which in some cases differ from the assessment made by the real estate agent. 

We want every touch point of a client’s experience with us to be a good one and once the strategy is in place, we’ll spring into action, going through the house from top to toe.

Nothing is left to chance from the outside space to the understairs' cupboard. We’ll produce a 10-page proposal of recommendations for styling the home, including everything from fixing flooring to interior design suggestions. 

With us, it’s an all or nothing approach - we’re not in the business of merely sorting out the lounge. Every room gets the Perth Style Co. treatment because in our experience that’s the only way our clients will truly get the best shot at selling their home.

Our track record so far speaks for itself. We’ve worked on a hard-to-shift development in Coogee for instance which we refreshed. Within four months the remaining eight properties had been sold. Another client was astonished to welcome 40 people at their first home open, resulting in exceeding the asking price by $60,000. 

That’s the kind of result we can offer our clients, the kind of result that makes dreams come true.  

To find out more about what Perth Style Co. can do for you, call Sara or Kaitlin on 0409 990 890 or visit

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