• Fabulous floors

    Fabulous floors


Bunnings National Flooring Buyer, Brad Lawrence, provides his top tips for choosing the right floor.


Updating your flooring can see your home go from bleak and bland to warm and welcoming in no time. Whether you want to change your tiles, install timber flooring or just add some accents, Bunnings has the widest range of flooring options and inspirational ideas to help you choose the right look for your home.


Tile Takeover

Whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen, lounge room or even outdoors, simply updating or installing tiles can make a big difference.

There are three key factors to consider when choosing tiles – colour, size and budget. In addition, different tiles have varying effects on a room, for example lighter coloured tiles help make the room appear brighter whereas using only one colour can make the room look larger.

With the right tools and steps, removal and application of tiles are both achievable DIY projects.



Timber floors are a timeless addition to your home. Whether you are looking to create a beachy feel with a light timber, or warm up your space with a rich, darker style timber, this is a versatile option.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, timber laminate flooring is a great alternative. It gives the same look as hardwood flooring but is more cost effective and harder to scratch as well as being easy to install. Ensure that you use underlay beneath the boards in order to add cushioning and absorb sound.

It is also important to note in which room the timber floorboards will be laid as different types of timber have different functions. For example, tallowwood timber is most suited to living rooms or areas prone to high foot traffic as it’s an extremely hard, versatile and durable hardwood.


Snug as a rug

If you’re happy with your flooring but still yearning for an update, why not try a new rug or mat? A shaggy rug is the perfect, and easy, addition to your living room or bedroom to add a bit of warmth.

Depending on the colour palette of your space, neutral rugs like beige and grey are trans-seasonal and look fresh year after year. Or if you’re looking for a more permanent option to cover a wider floor space, Bunnings has the widest range of carpets to suit any room, any size, one price.  PL

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